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Williams' Wonder kids!

I'm so excited to be teaching Kindergarten this year! I can't wait to meet your child and get this year started! 
About Me:
I recently graduated from Texas State University with a degree in Elementary Education. Eat Em' Up Cats! I have wanted to be a teacher my entire life and am excited to start my first year with your child. 
I have worked at a summer camp for several years so don't be surprised if your child comes home singing and dancing, learning is fun!
I think strong classroom communities are a catalyst for learning. I want to incorporate the diverse community that we have here in Luling, Texas but I need your help. I want to include as many cultures and traditions into our classroom community as possible, which includes parents and families. I will be providing several opportunities for you to get involved.
I chose to do a superhero theme in my classroom because these kids can change the world. Some of the superpowers that we will develop this year includes reading, writing, math, kindness, honesty, respect, and responsibility. My goal for your child is for them to take what we learn in our room and change the world. 
I look forward to meeting you and your wonder kid!